Monolord @ Heavy Psych Sounds Fest Berlin. December, 2019.

It has been silent over here in the last weeks. The reason for it is not the lack of good concerts in town, but me needing to process all that happened last year. So many good bands play in Berlin that sometimes I need a break to digest it. I feel that everything goes so fast here, and so many things happen in such a little time that people tend to forget what happened a few weeks, or even days, before. For me, taking a short time is a way of honoring what other artists do and perform and not taking it for granted or as “just another concert/performance more.”
Considering this, I decided that in the first months of 2020, I will post throwbacks of what I experienced 2019 and only photograph a few concerts until summer.

On the 7th of December, I had the pleasure to photograph Monolord during the second day of Heavy Psych Sounds Fest in Berlin, taking place at Bi Nuu, a venue under the metro station Schlesiches Tor in Kreuzberg.
Although there were a bunch of great bands playing (the 6th at Zukunft am Ostkreuz and the 7th at Bi Nuu), what I was interested the most was to see and photograph Swedish Stoner Doom Metal trio Monolord.
Not only is their music something quite noteworthy, but in spite of the fame, the guys seem to have the feet on the ground. I consider this something very recognizable because it makes them genuine and authentic.

Here my first post of 2020 of the last concert I photographed in 2019.
Please, be my guest and don’t forget this great night so quickly.
Listen and watch.


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