Holy Serpent, Kalamata & Echolot @Toast Hawaii, Berlin. September, 2019.

It was the night HEADZ UP and Temple Booking united, when three bands from three different countries yet two different continents together with some good after show tunes by Säsh, made us loose control until the next morning. 

Starting on stage with Echolot, a three-man band from Basel, Switzerland playing a mixture of doom metal, psychedelic and progressive rock,  a day that looked like any other Thursday became one of those nights that all of us present there will remember. 

Followed by another three-man band, Kalamata from Hildesheim, Germany, who would choose their name after the kalamata olives, took us once again this year to trip with their psychedelic atmospheres and colourful riffs, accompanied by some almost dark passages emerging from their patterned music. 

Finally, the third band, representing the second continent of the night would go on stage. An Australian band conformed by four –yes, you guessed it– men called Holy Serpent. A name I actually like a lot, since it has that mysterious yet spiritual touch, reminding me to the Kundalini serpent

Holy Serpent’s heavy psych rock contains some Mars Red Sky-alike fuzzy darkness mixed with a smooth skater attitude. Yet live they have a strong grunge touch supported by vocals that sound like a fusion of Placebo and Alice in Chains on the practice. So, seems like Melbourne’s boys put heavy metal, punk, psychedelic, fuzz and darkness with a little, tiny pinch of britpop together to delight us.


“Endless” is the name of their last album, it depicts two naked white women in the desert. This same image was also used for the poster of the event, which, for this reason, was not very well received in some locations of the city.
A club located in Prenzlauerberg, northeast Berlin, with a pretty feminine and sexy energy, I’d say, was hosting this “very manly” concert. Although the event was organised by both a woman (Temple Booking) – finally! – and a man (HEADZ UP), I could not count more than 15 women that night. Toast Hawaii was a very good location for this gig and I think it played a big role, apart from the three bands who did a good job on stage, for the night to unfold like it did.

Although the event was, once again, very men-dominated, I didn’t feel any discomfort that night, more I had a comfortable blast.

I only wish for the scene world wide to have less objectified/sexualised women on the artwork and in general, more colours and more women present and united all around.