All Them Witches. Berlin, May 2019. (throw back)

October 2016, Berlin. It was the first time I saw All Them Witches live. It was at the now non-existing venue White Trash (today Festsaal Kreuzberg). The decision to go to the concert was quite spontaneous and I didn’t know what was expecting me, I didn’t know that that concert would give me the impulse to dig deeper into music and to integrate it in a different way on my artwork. After that day, I decided to photograph concerts more actively. 

May 2019, Desertfest Berlin. All Them Witches (ATW) was once again in Europe. This time I was attending accompanied by my third eye, my camera. I was feeling completely different, the music was hitting me in a different way as it did a few years before. Until this moment, I had evolved, and oh!, so had them. 

ATW is a constantly evolving band, making big steps. It is a band that plays true, directly from the heart to the outer world, instead of competing on stage, they melt their three hearts into one. That’s what their music is. No surprise they are becoming so big. You can see it on their tours, on the venues they are playing, on the huge amazing backdrop they use to decorate the stage, that gives the feeling being in front of the gate of a temple; you see their growth also on the fan base which has been getting bigger day by day, and some of us had the impression that, yes, the merch prices as well. 

During their performance at Desertfest this year, after going out of the pit back to the crowd to see the show now without camera, I observed everybody else around me. The public was experiencing something deep. I realised that there is a big bunch of people from all around the world who maybe had, or were having, special experiences or stories in their life with All Them Witches’ music. I am, for sure, not the only one who created a symbolism in her life with their music and turned it into a talisman. 

And you know what? It felt good. It felt good to see that art means something in peoples life and awakes something in many of us. 

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Listen to their magic: