High Reeper, 2019.

The U.S. American, Philadelphia-based quintet HIGH REEPER visited us at this small continent called Europe for the second time in their career. On the 12th of May of this year, we had the pleasure to witness their stoner rock, doom yet heavy metal performance at Toast Hawaii Berlin.

2018 they toured for the first time in Europe, playing DesertFest Berlin. Earlier this year, DesertFest London was one of their stops. This Fall they are paying us a visit once again including, of course, DesertFest Antwerp. Presenting their latest Album “Higher Reeper” which was released on March 22nd with Heavy Psych Sounds Records, HIGH REEPER is going for 36 gigs this Fall. First, touring U.S. American East Coast, followed by their 3rd European Tour with more than 20 shows.

HIGH REEPER East Coast Tour 2019.
HIGH REEPER European Fall Tour 2019.

Past May I had the pleasure to photograph them in my beloved Berlin. Take a look.

click pics to see large

If you haven’t checked out Higher Reeper, this is your chance. Just click PLAY below!
And don’t miss these guys out, either in American or European continent!


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