Win tickets for Thou in Berlin!

Louisiana’s Sludge Metal Doom HC band Thou is coming to Berlin, presented by HEADZ UP, supported by Moloch and Medicine Noose.

To let your soul vibrate deeper into the dark, I did a team up with HEADZ UP. We have gifts for you and give away 2×2 tickets for the THOU show in Berlin this very month, on July 23rd.

Event: HEADZ UP | Thou & Moloch • Zukunft am Ostkreuz • Berlin

All you gotta do is to follow these three steps:

1) Go to the contact sheet on my Coyote Doom Blog (or click here) and tell me why you want to go to the concert. Show me some creativity!
2) Tell me also, what your favourite Thou album is and why.  (What does their music make you feel, for instance?)
3) Last but not least, if you have Instagram, please share the post.

** Ticket Raffle runs until Sunday July 21st, 23:59 h **

Be creative, be sincere, be yourself.
Good luck. And see you on the scourge pits to atone!

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