Elder @SO 36, Berlin. October, 2018.

I remember seeing Elder live for the first time on summer 2017, when I had the chance to photograph them at Cassiopeia, Berlin.
Unlike other photographers, I work without flash and the light that night was pretty bad and difficult to measure. And I must confess, I am not very happy with my photo-performance of that night. Today I see it on a positive way, since it gave me the chance to confront those light conditions and learn how to manage the situation, photographically speaking. Now I still keep practicing and learning from every gig I shoot, I’m an eternal apprentice.


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Since then, I’ve seen Elder a couple of times again: at Desert Fest Berlin past summer and a few months after, in October, at SO36 presented by GreyZone Concerts & Promotion. On this last one I had the chance to shoot them again. Now that the year is coming to its end, it is common to hear and read about the best concerts this year in Berlin, and I’ve been hearing and reading repeatedly that for a lot of people, Elder at SO36 was one of them.

I clearly remember how tired I was. For me it was the concert in which I was more tired than I’ve ever been before at a concert and still, I was enjoying it a lot. It was plasma glass ballelectrifying. Elder has a magic sound that wraps you with every note they play, but when you witness them live, this sound becomes a sphere that surrounds you and makes you float around without having to move by yourself, it just happens. It feels like being in one of those electric sphere lamps from the 90’s called  Magic Plasma Sphere, I think. ——->


Sound connects all levels of our being, it has the property of connecting the inner and the outer worlds. Elder’s sound permeates all levels of the body.

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