Naxatras @Cassiopeia, Berlin. October, 2018.

HEADZ UP FEST 2018 is, as the name indicates already, HEADZ UP‘s first solo festival, inviting us to have a “Three-Daze-Trip into the Acid Zone” and promising “to embrace the eternal creative movements of the world together while traveling on board of three majestic motherships and 13 additional international vessels in Space Rock and Heavy Psych”. To make it short: a three-days Space Rock and Heavy Psych festival in Berlin.

It was nothing less than young trio from Thessaloniki, Greece, Naxatras,  who hit the stage first and “opened the festival”, as we would say in Mexico.
The show was, as expected, completely full. Getting from the entrance until the stage was a bit challenging but I am glad that here in Berlin, people are quite respectful and considerate with photographers. I made it until the front. And I mean, really, really until the front, because it was so full of people that my thighs collided with the stage.

When I listen to Naxatras I feel like neon colors together with mustard yellow. At this point, I don’t know if the cause of this feeling is “only” the music or the repeating colors on all their albums that have already been memorised in my mind . Be as it may, while listening their tracks and editing, I decided to make an exception and finish two photos in color.

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Naxatras has a special sound where they combine vintage heavy psychedelic sounds and stoner rock with something I would call shamanic-like notes that are liberated by them to float around and wrap you. I really like to play them during my yoga classes and my students seem to like it and go with the flow of the music during the Asana practice. This happened as well the 11th of october, when they played Cassiopeia-Berlin, being this one of their first stops of the longest (Euro-)tour they have ever made so far, and their second time in Berlin.

It was very sweet to see how surprised they were at the end of their performance when people shouted asking for one more song. How could it be possible that dancing and tripping and floating had to end already?! The expression in their faces made me think that, although they have a lot of followers and fans now, there is still some humbleness inside them. And this is something not only I appreciate a lot in bands but fans themselves, since it gives the band member pureness when it comes to perform and create music.

Naxatras outtake rm

Naxatras is still on tour, check their dates and, if you happen to be around, don’t miss the opportunity to experience them live!

*click on pics to view large!



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